Any of these fitness offerings are available as part of our ergonomics program, but you can also purchase them individually. Below are some examples of bootcamp, yoga and personal training classes we’ve offered in the past. Want something else? We can customize a class for your employees. All levels are welcome at all of our classes.


Vinyasa flow

Our most traditional and recognizable yoga offering. We’ll move through several series of yoga postures, coordinating movement with breath.


Yoga core

A combination of pilates and yoga that really gets the core burning. This class will include classic yoga flows infused with mat pilates. A great full-body workout.


Lunchtime desk reset yoga

Learn poses that promote relaxation and posture. Attend class in something stretchy or keep it business casual.


Bodyweight conditioning

An effective boot camp class that’s highly metabolic. A great workout without any equipment. Come prepared to sweat.



This high intensity circuit training class is built around the stop watch. Each workout will have a fixed interval of work to rest. This one is sweaty—ready...set...go!


Run club

Finally a running group that does more than just run. Learn good running mechanics, and warm-up and cool-down exercises. Come with running shoes and be ready to sweat.


Personal training

One to one training is perfect for anyone who wants or needs a little extra attention. Learn proper technique and develop the confidence you need to work out on your own or in groups.