Our approach to ergo is a little different. Yes, we look at what in-office behaviors cause repetitive strain injuries, but we also consider other factors that might be impacting your employees—like commutes. Our team uses a comprehensive lifestyle evaluation to make recommendations and support you with behavior modifications. We also include fitness and educational workshops in our programs to make sure your employees are getting the very best care. 



We work with you to manage the whole shebang—from scheduling 1:1 visits to tailoring educational workshops to picking the right fitness classes. This is the best way to reach large parts of your workforce with far reaching results. Our regular site visits and follow-ups will help ensure compliance and accountability. 

Company audit
Claims audit
1:1 assessment days
1:1 follow-ups
Pop up clinical days with massage, chiro, acupuncture

Starting at $5k/month


1:1 assessments

Our individual assessments are best for special circumstances like acute cases. We’re usually available to schedule multiple assessments in one day. There’s no ongoing commitment.

Onsite assessments
Behavior modifications
Exercise suggestions
Equipment recommendations
Follow ups available upon request

Starting at $200/hr