Occupational Health Solutions


About us

We implement occupational health solutions for companies. Since our start in 2012, we’ve reduced tens of thousands of health insurance claims, saved millions of dollars on health premiums, and built sustainable health strategies. We’ve learned a lot about what employees want and what employers need. So we created the Syntropy Method to deliver the right care, at the right time, to the employees who need it most.

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Our services

All of our services can be integrated into your existing benefits program. Browse the options below and we’ll help you build a program—soup to nuts. In the end, you’ll have a comprehensive, proactive approach to worksite wellness that will increase productivity and decrease workers’ compensation claims.



Our approach to ergo is a little different. Yes, we look at what in-office behaviors cause repetitive strain injuries, but we also consider other factors that might be impacting your employees—like commutes. Our team uses a comprehensive lifestyle evaluation to make recommendations and support your team with behavior modifications. We also include fitness and educational workshops in our programs to make sure your employees are getting the very best care. 



Fitness is the most highly adopted service in any benefits program—and one of the easiest to kick off. We spend way too much time sitting at our desks, so an onsite fitness program is a no-brainer.

Workshops & Education

Workshops are designed for small teams or for entire companies. Our topics will fit your specific needs and culture, and your employees will walk away with clear, memorable information. 


Start a pilot program

We'll study your workforce to uncover opportunities to lower health claims and improve workforce performance. We’ll collect data during your pilot that you can use to create new health strategies for your company. Your needs will change with growth—so should your healthcare. As we learn what’s most effective for your workforce, we'll make changes to services in real time to improve your outcomes.